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Next upcoming Performance:

Harvard Glee Club and PSU Chamber Choir

Wednesday, January 8th, 7:30pm

Join us as Portland hosts America’s oldest collegiate chorus from America’s oldest university in their second-ever appearance in the Rose City.
First United Methodist Church
1828 SW Jefferson
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Portland State Chamber Choir WINS Seghizzi Grand Prix 2013!

Not only the Grand Prix (which no American Choir has ever done in the 52 years of this competition), but also 14 other awards:

* 5 gold medals (raw score of 90+) – 1 in each category we competed in: 19th Century Music, Classical Music since 1900, Folk Music, Spirituals, and Pop Music
* Highest Mark award for highest numerical score of any choir in any category
* 1st place in 19th Century Music
* 3rd place in Classical Music since 1900
* 1st place in Category 2 (for our Spirituals set)
* 3rd place in Category 2 (for our Pop Music set)
* 6th place in Category 2 (for out Folk Music set)
* Giuseppe Verdi Award for best performance of a piece in Italian
* Conductor’s Award for most artistic repertoire choices
* Best choreography

http://www.seghizzi.it/index.php?pg=news&ID=16 for more information

Video and other media will be posted here or on our Facebook page when available.

The Chamber Choir’s most recent CD, A Drop in the Ocean, is now available for purchase! It features new choral works by Eriks Esenvalds, Georgy Sviridov, classic works by Rachmaninoff and Verdi, as well as Haitian Voodoo Songs and Spirituals. A review of the CD as well as an interview with the Chamber Choir’s conductor, Dr. Ethan Sperry, was recently featured in Fanfare Magazine.



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